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the chocolate show

World's Finest Chocolates

Explore new passion with us and find world’s best chocolates to indulge yourself in our passionate world of chocolates


Simple, yet utterly delicious cakes in London

Custom cakes

Surprise your loved one with a personalised birthday cake

Special events

Spectacular designs for special occasions

Berries, dark chocolate, caramel

Newest deserts

Chocolate and romance are synonymous. That's why Valentine's Day is only rivaled by Easter in terms of chocolate sales. But better than any box of store-bought bonbons is a homemade dessert or treat to share.

Sponge Cake

£ 19.99 / Kg

Genoise Cookies

£ 13.90 / Kg

Chiffon Cake

£ 7.56 / Kg
Since 1906

About our journey

The Cake Shop specialises in exquisitely hand-crafted, premium celebration cakes for any occasion. We have a team of highly skilled cake designers and decorators who can create a truly personalised and memorable cake which is bound to delight at your special occasion. We have been trading since 1906 and have two shops, one based in the historic city of London, the other in the market town of Leeds.
Our clients


Simply amazing cakes.
Judith Butler
If you are looking to impress your friends and family then must checkout the black forest cakes.
Jason Stephens
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Looking for a custom cake design?

Additional services

If you are looking for additional services such as catering or small birthday party, then we can help you.


Bakery workshops

Our weekend workshops in Hampstead London are designed for beginners for all ages.


Sweets delivery

If you are looking for delivery in London or Leeds then please do not hesitate to contact us.